A library is the best promoter of education, a resource hub for any institution. Equipped with literary masterpieces, encyclopaedias, reference books, magazines, journals and daily newspapers, our libraries motivate students to become inquisitive about a world outside their comfort zone. A school library fosters the development of life-long, learning abilities and a love of reading in its students. At DWPS, Bhiwani the library aims to be attractive, uncluttered, friendly and professional. It is both welcoming to students and functional as a resource, research and recreational area in the school. The library stocks a wide range of resource materials and has access to many electronically available resources.

Digital Classroom

At DWPS Bhiwani we have the Smart Class (26 class rooms) concept also in practice. What might otherwise seem dull or monotonous with just text-book studies becomes bright, and captivating in the flash and animation movies, which re-affirm the concepts already taught in class. This makes the process of learning fun and also ensures the lasting impact on the tech-savvy minds of today’s generation.

  • These classes help in bringing abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.
  • Enable multi-sensory learning in classrooms.
  • Enable instant formative assessment of learning outcome in class.
  • Overall they make learning fun and improve academic performance.

Science & Maths Lab

Knowledge at DWPS Bhiwani is not simply a transmission by the teachers to the children but it is learnt through the process of construction by the students themselves. This is done through regular exposure to practical experiences in the laboratory work where scientific theories are tested by the students themselves through scientific methods and processes. The labs exposure encourages the interests & skills of observation, analysis and critical thinking among the students. It also provides opportunities to students to manipulate equipment and material and to work cooperatively with peers.

The school has fully equipped laboratories with all the required equipment and materials for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths.

Computer Lab

DWPS Bhiwani’s charter is to provide information technology at all levels in the school. The school has 2 computer rooms equipped with 20 computers in each room with all latest software. A large number of computers are used in administrative areas; students have access to the laboratories from Pre Nursery to the apex class. Our view of technology is simply that it is an integral part of life and education, so we have chosen to provide access across the school. It takes quite a team to serve and maintain the networks since all subject areas utilize technology resources and continue to demand more and higher quality.

Our Computer Labs are an indication of our adaptability to the ever-changing IT world. Our labs meet the challenging needs of the students incorporating the latest developments in the field of Science and technology. They provide every student the opportunity to use the computes on one to one ratio, thus making them techno smart. Our senior students participate in software development program for all kinds of marketing and commercial purposes. They are also involved in developing engineering concepts and data base concepts with C++, SQL and visual basics.


The school is available with sufficient number of vehicles to promise the availability of a comfortable space for the students and teacher commuters. The vehicles are updated to avoid any unwanted inconvenience during the course.

Students can avail of the School Transport subject to the availability of seats. The routes of the school buses are drawn, and the parents should consult the school transport incharge for necessary details. Bus facility is not mandatory.

All school vehicles are equipped with GPS and are under CCTV surveillance.